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Mexican 7 Layer Dip


Mexican 7 Layer Dip

Sour Cream ➡ Dairy-Free Sour Cream

Queso ➡ Dairy-Free Queso

This is one of the most popular dishes to bring to a party. Everyone knows it, everyone loves it, and it can even be made with clean swaps that won’t sacrifice the flavor! But consider yourself warned…once you start eating this, it’s hard to stop (may or may not have firsthand experience with this)!


1 lb grass-fed ground beef

3 avocados, mashed

1/2 lime, juice squeezed

1 can refried black beans (I use @amyskitchen, no salt added )

1 jar dairy-free queso (I use mild nacho @sietefoods)

1 12 oz container dairy-free sour cream (I use @kitehillfoods)

1 cup salsa (I use @ricks_salsa_co)

1.5 cups shredded lettuce

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp onion powder

1 tsp cayenne pepper

1 tsp chili powder

1 tsp fresh garlic, minced

1/2 tsp sea salt

1/2 tsp black pepper

Optional Toppings: store-bought pico de gallo, shredded cheese (I used 1/2 cup Colby Jack), green onions, cilantro, squeeze of half a lime


-Brown ground beef and drain.

-Add in 1/4 cup water, cumin, onion powder, cayenne, chili powder, fresh garlic, salt, and pepper. Mix together, and cook until water is absorbed.

-In a glass casserole dish (I used a 9x7), spread refried beans evenly, covering the bottom completely.

-Then spread ground beef on top of refried beans.

-Next, in a medium bowl, mash avocados and squeeze in lime juice. Mix together, then spread on top of ground beef.

-Pour queso on top of mashed avocado.

-Spread sour cream on top of queso, then add salsa to top of sour cream.

-Cover the top with shredded lettuce.

-Sprinkle on additional toppings of choice. I used 1/2 cup shredded cheese, pico de gallo, cilantro, green onion, and lime juice.

-Serve immediately, or put in refrigerator to serve cold. I recommend serving ASAP so lettuce doesn’t get soggy!

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