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The Best Homemade Margarita

I think this may be my favorite homemade margarita ever! It’s light and bright with nothing but fresh ingredients. Say goodbye to bottled margarita mix and hello to this baby!

Side Note: If you don’t like your margs spicy, just omit the jalapeño…it’s still delicious!


1/4 of a small sliced jalapeño, more for garnish

5 mint leaves, more for garnish

2 oz blanco tequila (I use either Don Julio, Casamigos, or Herradura)

1 oz Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao Orange

3 oz fresh pineapple juice

1 oz of fresh lime juice

0.5 oz of agave

1 slice lime, for garnish


-In a cocktail shaker, muddle sliced jalapeño and mint leaves.

-Pour in remaining ingredients, except garnishes.

-Add ice to shaker, cover, and shake for at least 15 seconds.

-Strain into a cocktail glass filled with ice.

-Garnish with jalapeño slices, mint, and lime. Enjoy!



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