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Chicken Spaghetti

This is the CHICKEN SPAGHETTI I told y’all about that I made in high school in Gourmet Foods class! I’ve cleaned it up a bit, but still making it almost 25 years later!

You can sub rotisserie chicken instead of cooking it yourself if you prefer. And a majority of the cooking is just throwing things into a pot and stirring!

It’s just as good the next day, so if you’re a leftovers family, this one is for you!

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1 lb chicken breast (or 3 cups shredded rotisserie chicken)

1 Tbsp ghee or butter (I use 4th and Heart ghee)

8 oz gluten-free spaghetti pasta (I use Jovial)

1 cup yellow onion, chopped

1 cup green bell pepper, chopped

1 cup white mushrooms, roughly chopped

2 tsp fresh garlic, minced

1 (4 oz) can diced green chilis

1 (14.5 oz) diced tomatoes, juice included

1 cup chicken broth (I use Kettle & Fire)

1/2 cup canned coconut milk

1 Tbsp Italian seasoning

1 tsp salt, more to taste

1/2 tsp black pepper, more to taste

1/2 tsp paprika

1/4 tsp red pepper flakes

1 (8 oz) dairy-free cream cheese, softened (I use Kitehill)

1 cup cheddar cheese, shredded off the block (I use Organic Valley)


-Fill a large Dutch oven up halfway with water, and bring to a boil.

-Boil chicken for 12-15 mins, until chicken is cooked through.

-While chicken is cooking, in a large sauce pan, cook pasta according to box instructions until al dente.

-Reserve 1/2 cup pasta water.

-Place chicken on a flat surface and shred.

-Pour water out of Dutch oven, put back on stove, and melt ghee over medium heat.

-Add in onion, bell pepper and mushrooms, and cook until softened, 5 mins.

-Add in garlic, and cook for 1 min.

-Add in green chilis, tomatoes, Italian seasoning, salt, pepper, paprika, and red pepper, chicken broth, and coconut milk. Cook for 5 mins.

-Turn heat to medium-low, and stir in cheddar and cream cheese until completely melted.

-Add in chicken and pasta, and stir to coat.

-Pour in reserved pasta water 1/4 cup at a time, if necessary to loosen sauce.

-Serve and enjoy!

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