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Halloween Cookie Swaps

Hear me when I say cookie decorating is HARD! I almost didn’t post this because well, look at ‘em (kinda proud of the mummies though.) Bless my heart. But my message here is twofold. One, it’s ok if you aren’t the greatest cookie decorator in the world. It’s fun, and no matter what they look like, they taste the same as if they were professionally decorated. And two, the ingredients are cleaner than you’d find in most other popular brands.

Mummies: @simplemills chocolate chip cookies and frosting

Ghosts/Spiders: @simplemills chocolate chip cookies and frosting, @hukitchen melted chocolate gems

Chocolate: @simplemills chocolate chip cookies dipped in melted @hukitchen gems, filled with @tooniemoonieorganics marshmallow creme

Happy Halloween, friends!


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