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Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

A waffle breakfast sandwich, nothing revolutionary, but I want to focus on the ingredients here. Frozen food is extremely convenient, but can be pretty tricky as far as ingredients go. These are the waffles I keep coming back to. Are they perfectly clean, no, but they’re close enough for a better frozen option. If you want to make your own waffles, Simple Mills is the brand I use.

When it comes to the meat, I always like to cook it fresh, but some mornings just don’t allow for that. Whether it’s frozen or fresh, this brand is my go-to without a doubt.

PRO TIP: Top with a homemade berry sauce instead of store-bought jelly. I’ve got a super easy recipe for that coming tomorrow.


3 eggs

3 frozen gluten-free waffles (I use @vansfoods)

3 sausage patties or 3 pieces of bacon (I used: sausage- frozen chicken apple @applegate and bacon- nitrate free, no sugar added @applegate)

Optional: 3 slices of cheddar cheese (omit for dairy-free)


-Toast waffles according to package instructions.

-Heat up sausage patties according to package instructions, or cook bacon using your preferred method.

-Fry an egg over hard in a small skillet over medium heat. I always add a dash of salt and pepper before cooking eggs, to each their own though!

-Assemble sandwich. If adding cheese and you want it melted, assemble sandwich with cheese as top layer and leave off the top waffle. Put in microwave for 30 seconds or in oven for a few minutes at 350. Place the top waffle on sandwich and enjoy.


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