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Boo-tiful Cream Cheese Board

The trendy butter board gets a remix with this cream cheese version…but make it Halloween! This ghost cream cheese board is the perfect sweet treat for any Halloween party. It’s super easy, and you don’t have to be some crazy good artist to do it!


1/2 cup coconut sugar

1 (16oz) container dairy-free cream cheese (I use Kite Hill)

1/4 (4.25oz) package chocolate cookies (I use Simple Mills Sweet Thins Chocolate Brownie)

Dippers: Cookies, fruit, pretzels, whatever you want


-Put coconut sugar in a food processor, and pulse until it’s powdered.

-In a large bowl, mix cream cheese and powdered coconut sugar together.

-Put the chocolate cookies in the food processor, and pulse until reduced to fine crumbs.

-On a serving board, spread cream cheese into the shape of a ghost.

-Using a spoon, spread chocolate crumbs into the shape of eyes and mouth of ghost.

-Place dippers surrounding the ghost on the serving board.


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